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For my assignment I have been assigned the task of creating a DTD for representing a virtual-geocaching game.

I am having a problem representing the location which can be either gps or wifi or both but not more then one of each. How would i represent this? The closest I could think of is listed below.

<!ELEMENT location ((gps|wifi)+)>

The full DTD is here.

<!ELEMENT game (information, caches)>
    <!ELEMENT information (gameID, gameName, gameDescription, date, author)>
    	<!ELEMENT gameID (#PCDATA)>
    	<!ELEMENT gameName (#PCDATA)>
    	<!ELEMENT gameDescription (#PCDATA)>
    	<!ELEMENT date (#PCDATA)>
    	<!ELEMENT author (#PCDATA)>
    <!ELEMENT caches (cache+)>
    	<!ELEMENT cache (cacheID, cacheName, location, value)>
    		<!ELEMENT cacheID (#PCDATA)>
    		<!ELEMENT cacheName (#PCDATA)>
    		<!ELEMENT location ((gps|wifi)+)>
    			<!ELEMENT gps (longitude, latitude)>
    				<!ELEMENT latitude (#PCDATA)>
    				<!ELEMENT longitude (#PCDATA)>
    			<!ELEMENT wifi (#PCDATA)>
    		<!ELEMENT value (#PCDATA)>

Where each game contains some information about it and a number of caches.

Cheers in advance.

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Try this:

<!ELEMENT location ((gps|wifi|(gps,wifi)|(wifi,gps)))>
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Worked perfectly! thanks =] –  Malachi Jan 20 '09 at 0:24

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