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I need help with the ConditionalField in Scapy. I am having trouble with the lambda function, how can I get the lambda function to check for a specific layer in the packet?

At present I have the code

lamda pkt: pkt.haslayer(RTP) == 1

This doesnt appear to work, I dont think pkt contains the contents of the pkt, how can I get around this?

Thanks for any help

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Knowing what "doesn't work" means in this case would be helpful. Do you get an error, or is it simply not filtering what you expected? I wrote an answer assuming the latter. –  kindall Jan 4 '11 at 19:17
I cannot find out how to access the methods/attributes of the whole packet. I dont get an error as such, it just doesnt dissect correctly. If I could just identify how to access the full packet contents I could solve the rest :) –  WizardsSleeve Jan 4 '11 at 20:09

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Try lambda pkt: pkt.haslayer(RTP). My guess is that haslayer() returns something that is seen by Python as True but is not equal to 1, so your comparison to 1 is always returning False.

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