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I'm having an issue with TeamCity, which relates to the fact that it runs the source control step before it runs the build steps. My project is a windows service, so there are complications with this.

TeamCity often decides to delete the entire contents of the project directory, even though I have the clean build option unchecked. However, since this is a windows service this does not fly, as when trying to delete the dll's it errors out since they're in use:

Error while applying patch: Failed to delete: F:\PathToService\bin\Release\Library.dll

The most frustrating part is that the dll's aren't even under source control, TeamCity seems to have a mind of its own and decides to delete them anyway.

Is there a way to get around this, to be able to run a build step BEFORE doing the svn checkout so that I can stop the windows service first?

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I would try to set up your CI environment so it uninstalls the windows service once you are done testing it. I am not aware of Teamcity pre-checkout hook.

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Negative.. the services need to be used, as this is a development environment. –  Justin Jan 4 '11 at 20:13
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The answer was to split up each service into a separate working directory. That prevents teamcity from deleting the dll's.

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