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Can any one tell me some real world examples of binary tree structure ?

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possible duplicate of What are the applications of binary trees? – nawfal Jun 13 '14 at 9:48

Binary trees are used all over the place in the real world. Pretty much every major implementation of a sorted data-structure uses one (usually a balanced variant, like red-black).

In C++, map and set are built on it.

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+1 for red black trees. – Byron Whitlock Jan 4 '11 at 19:30

Represent a uni-dimensional space.

I don't know world examples other than this one.

But it's large used for logical purposes and indexers.

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  • Databases indexes. When you index a field, it is put in a binary tree for fast retrieval.
  • General Searching/sorting. A binary search tree will let you sort and search for data quickly
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I believe Huffman Algorithm also use Binary tree!!!

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All these answers are for the wrong question: "what is the use of a binary search tree", not the question that was asked, "what is the value of a binary tree". Without any kind of sorting or balancing involved, what is the value of just a plain old tree?

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