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I have a property TOOLS_DIR that i exported in bash

I have the following line in my java file:

String toolsDir = System.getProperty("TOOLS_DIR");

Why is this returning null? is the a compatibility issue with linux or something?

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Environment variables and properties aren't the same thing. If you want to pass in an environment variable as property you have to add the following to your java invocation:


Alternatively, you can use System.getEnv().

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Thanks I had same problem today. – Hemant Sep 8 at 9:04

Java system properties have nothing to do with shell environment variables.

You can assign a java system property when you invoke the virtual machine, for example:

java -DTOOLS_DIR=/somewhere org.example.MyClass
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Try this instead:

String toolsDir = System.getenv("TOOLS_DIR");

The getProperty(...) method returns java vm properties (like user.dir, java.version). The getenv(...) method is for environment variables.

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