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I would like to remove part of a string. It would have to match "/*/cms/" (without the quotes). * would be a wildcard equaling anything except a / key. The string could have more than one match to be removed.

This would have to be done in c#. I think this can be done with a regex? But I'm not sure.

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The regex to match that is /[^/]*/cms/, used like this: new Regex("/[^/]*/cms/").Replace(yourString, "")

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using System.Text.RegularExpressions;

Regex.Replace("/some example text/cms/;/some more text/cms/text/cms", "/[^/]+/cms/", "")

Use /[^/]+/cms/ if something must be between the first and second /'s, use /[^/]*/cms/ if //cms/ is a valid match.

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The accepted answer in this question will help you. Ensure that you use the Regex.Replace() method to do the pattern matching and replacement.

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Look up Regex.Replace. Hacking the example quickly:

string pattern = "/[^/]+/cms/";
string replacement = "";
Regex rgx = new Regex(pattern);
string result = rgx.Replace(input, replacement);
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