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I am trying to scrape www.weather.bm. I want all 10 radar images, but I can only get one (the image updates regularly) and it's not a absolute image url. I was hoping I could use the image as a image slideshow like the link but dont know how. Also, how can I remove images/Radarlegend.png? I just need the radar images.

Here is my code:

$html = file_get_html('http://www.weather.bm/radarMobile.asp');
foreach($html->find('img') as $element) 
echo $element->src . '<br>'

My output is:

<div id="main">
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There is a list of all ten images is in the JavaScript (formatting changes mine):

radarFileNames = new Array(

A simple search through for the line containing radarFileNames = new Array will return this line. Then you can extract the URLs with two preg_split()s: first on \(|\), then split the second token on ', '. Finally, prefix http://www.weather.bm/ to the URLs.

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can you show me the code I'm just learning as I go on studying the code users kind enough advices me, I have been studying php on and off and have no idea how to implement what you have wrote sorry, your help is much appreciated thanks –  cooldude Jan 4 '11 at 20:28
    $localOffset = "+2 Hours"; //change this to your local offset from the image times you need. for me (CST) it's 2 hours.....
    $start=  strtotime("-90 Minutes " . $localOffset); // go back 90 minutes (The limit of the available images)
    $start=($start-($start % (600))+(60*6)); //go to the next earlier 6 minute mark (all images appear to be at the 6 minute mark))appear to be at the 6 minute mark))
        $DateTime = date("Y-m-d-Hi", $start); // set the image time we want.
        $fName = ("http://www.weather.bm/images/Radar/CurrentRadarAnimation_100km_sri/100km_sri-radar-$DateTime.jpg"); // set the filename
        echo" $min <img src='$fName' alt='$fName'/><br/>"; // echo (or add to a stack or variable...) your image node
         $start+=(600);//add 10 minutes
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do you mean weather.bm/radarMobile.asp? if yes you can see that it is animated (above 1of10, 2of10 and runs on 10 images view source and you can see the link of the images in a javascript (non absolute ex.'images/Radar/CurrentRadarAnimation_100km_sri/100km_sri-radar-2011-01-04-1506‌​.jpg'). I can only get one image which is the the initial image, I need to get the source of the image (with the domain and path ex.weather.bm/images/Radar/CurrentRadarAnimation_100km_sri/…) and make a slideshow of those images just like on the link I gave. –  cooldude Jan 4 '11 at 20:17
thank you so much I'll wait –  cooldude Jan 4 '11 at 20:21
you can review the code by goinf to api.fatherstorm.com/test and clicking on your question# 4597854 . from there you can see the code in action as well as see the source code –  FatherStorm Jan 4 '11 at 21:52

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