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I am doing some consulting work for a small pharmacy services provider that needs a HL7 interface engine setup for it to provide interfacing to products that run on the LAMP stack.

More specifically what I am looking for is a HL7 engine that runs on *NIX and can insert data from a HL7 v2.X message into a MySQL database. The data that is inserted will be data taken out of arbitrary fields so it needs to do parsing.

I tried using Mirth, but it's ability to make any seemingly simple task overly complex and the extreme slowness of it's client interface/response times has made us very gun shy on it. When I state a simple task I mean like sending back a custom ACK message based upon a few rules forces me to write 100 lines of javascript and after that still getting horrible response times.

I loved Iguana and wanted to use it, but they quoted us between $12k and $15k for a single instance of it on a single server. It was a good piece of software but not THAT good to justify a price tag like that as well as that is well beyond what my customer is willing to pay for a single piece of software that drives a small part of their business.

Does anybody have any recommendations for open source and/or proprietary software that will meet these needs?

Thanks in advance!

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The best open source options we use in our business are Mirth and OpenESB. Which version of Mirth have you used? I think you would be surprised by the improvements in 2.0.

Another option that has a reasonable price tag is Orion Rhapsody. We find this to be the easiest to use at the lowest price for licensed engines. It is a great fit for health care organizations on a budget. If you need a contact to setup a demo I can help with that.

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Jeff, Thank you for the recommendations. I was using Mirth 2.0 and it was just overly complex to perform simple operations like sending a custom ACK back. I am VERY hesitant to go with anything by Orion. At a previous employer I used their Symphonia mapping suite and it was horribly slow (took about 95% of the time allocated to a transaction for a simple map) and personally received horrible support from the company on the matter. My solution was to modify the Perl HL7 Toolkit daemon for use by my client. I will be releasing the source to the author once our testing is complete. –  Khirok Jan 12 '11 at 4:54

If you're having to write over 100 lines of Javascript to send a custom ACK I would suggest you are doing it wrong. The actual sending of the ack is a single line of code using the responseMap.put function. Perhaps post a summary of what you're trying to do and your existing code at the Mirth support forum; there are many folks, including me, who can take a look at it.

It's always disappointing to hear bad feedback on Mirth as most of the time it's not a shortcoming in the product but in the programming. As I say, quite happy to help - just post in the right place.

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What I was trying to do was craft an ACK that contained different data in fields than the default ACK created from Mirth. –  Khirok Mar 14 '11 at 4:09
Sorry for the first one, here is the full one. Hit enter early. What I was trying to do was craft an ACK that contained different data in the MSH fields than the default ACK created from Mirth. Unfortunately due to Mirth Corp refusing to help without a large payment for support (well over $3k) even making sure we specified this as a trial run for their software as well as waiting over 2 weeks for a response on both the Mirth forums and on here for an answer my client chose to go with a different product that is working extremely well for our purposes and is MUCH easier to use than Mirth is. –  Khirok Mar 14 '11 at 4:15

Unfortunately, healthcare system interfacing is not always trivial nor cheap. I'm not aware of any products meeting your requirements in terms of pricing and feature set. If you find any, let me know... :)

If your primary requirements is to cut license costs and you need to exchange data using HL7 only, need minimal data mapping and no message manipulation (be careful... it's always worst than it looks like first), you could develop your own engine using HAPI as foundation. It's a free HL7 parser but be prepare to pay for the extra development work.

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What we ended up doing was creating a homebrew solution in Perl using the Perl HL7 Toolkit with it's daemon service. It was the simplest we could do since we really have no mapping at all at the application level (all done in the database by stored procs or by a downstream application). –  Khirok Jan 11 '11 at 15:01
I don't know enough about your project so it might not be required for you but as a general rule I would recommend to include into your architecture a way to customize your interface without having to change your code or your database. If you need to deploy your application somewhere else, chances are that the exchanged data and/or the message flow will not be organized in the same way. –  jlmorin Jan 14 '11 at 18:16

I think Mirth is still your best option, because openESB is overly complex and difficult to maintain for a "small pharmacy services provider". If you are using LLP then you shouldn't have to customize the solution.

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Unfortunately Mirth did not work for us do to the amount of work required to do simple things like create a custom ACK to a client and perform sanity checks on data. We ended up creating a homebrew solution using the Perl HL7 Toolkit that blows away Mirth in terms of performance and with a little Perl knowledge is able to be more flexible than Mirth was with very few headaches in comparison. –  Khirok Jan 11 '11 at 15:03

For unbiased, real world recommendations and rankings of interface engines review the KLAS rankings for interface engines. http://www.klasresearch.com/Research/Segments/?ID=19

If at all possible read the customer comments section. These are very revealing.

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