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I am having some trouble designing my WCF service. Bassically I need the service to recieve an XML document. The xml maps to a class that was generated from xsd.exe. I was originally just had this:

public void AddDocument(string xmlString)

Then I would deserialize the xml into the generated class. I was told this is a bad idea because I am doing extra work since wcf will do the serialization for me if I just use the document class as a parameter like this:

public void AddDocument(MyGeneratedClass document)

I'm new to WCF but if I do it this way I thought I would have to create a datacontract for MyGeneratedClass. The generated class is 20,000+ lines so this would take forever.

Do I need a DataContract? Anyway I think I am missing something so I hope this makes sense and if anyone can point me in the right direction I would greatly appreciate it. Thanks!

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I would use simple types if your method only requires one or two parameters, and will return only a single simple type value.

As a general rule:

  • If you need to pass in more than just a few (less than 5) simple types - use some kind of a Request object, otherwise your call gets unwieldy.

  • If you need to return more than one single simple type value, use a Response object to bundle up those values.

I would try to avoid sending and receiving XML and parse it - try to send back and forth real well structured (data) objects - much easier to deal with and type-safe and all !

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