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Consider you have A.swf generated by compiling A.fla. A.fla's document root class is AStage(). Now consider B.swf and it's B.fla. If B.fla loads A.swf. Can it cast A.swf's stage object to AStage()?

If this is not possible, what is the recommended approach for communicating with child SWFs?

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If AStage is visible by B.fla(AStage gets compiled in B.swf, a simple import and variable declaration, without instantiation should do) you should be able to cast. If not, you need to use A.swf's applicationDomain and getDefinition to get a definition of AStage as a Class, after that you should be able to cast A.swf to AStage. –  George Profenza Jan 4 '11 at 21:56

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Personally I would consider it 'best practice' to use an interface to cast to rather than your SWF's document class itself. Be careful of using the word stage as a Flash application has only one stage regardless of how many SWF's it loads.

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I've answered a similar question here:
pass var values from one swf to another swf who is loaded inside the firts one in AS3

Apart from this , it is generally possible for a parent and a child to belong to the same class, consider Sprites for instance.

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