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We're curious to hear opinions about and experiences with Chartbeat, Clicky, Mixpanel, and Google Analytics.

Do people deploy Google and one of these other real-time systems? Or is the real-time system sufficient to displace Google?

Of the real-time systems, which do you use and why?


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I don't really have an opinion about Charbeat, Clicky or Mixpanel specifically, but I have lots of experience in other web analytics toos, such as Web Trends, Yahoo Web Analytics, Omniture Site Catalyst, and Google Analytics...

In my experience, real-time reporting is mostly useful for implementation and ongoing QA of the tracking code. It really depends on the nature of your site but I have yet to see any client that needed real-time reporting. 24 hour delay is more than acceptable, as most clients I have worked with report or expect reports on a weekly, monthly, quarterly, etc.. basis.

IOW it's more useful for your coders but rarely useful for your reporters. If your website and implementation is solid and not likely to change a whole lot, there is very little value in real-time reporting.

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I've tried Google Analytics, ChartBeat and Clicky.

I see Google Analytics as a must-have solution for every website. It's rock-solid and has proven itself over several years. Only thing you'll miss here are the real-time updates. That's where ChartBeat and Clicky come into sight.

ChartBeat is a great real-time monitor. Other then GA and Clicky this is a paid service. In my experience ChartBeat is more for tech-savy people that want to monitor the current load on the server. It does offers a cool replay option.

Clicky offerts the real-time updates that GA lacks. It has a cool Spy feature, where you can monitor which pages are requested by which user. It also logs click activity, like external links, downloads and videos.

I would suggest you use a combination of tools on your website(s). My favorite combination currently is GA with Clicky.

P.S. I've recently reviewed these tools on my blog: http://www.fieg.nl/5-analytics-tools-other-then-google-analytics

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Google Analytics has realtime features since this answer was written. – David d C e Freitas May 16 '12 at 13:35

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