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For some endpoints returns something like this:

        "city":"San Francisco",
        "name":"Bell Tower",
        "phone":"+1 415 567 9596",
        "address":"1900 Polk St",
                "type":"Food & Drink",


Now I have a small problem deserializing the 'properties' part. If I use e.g. a type of Dictionary it converts it to a nice dictionary, but the 'classifiers' value is just one {} string.

Is there any way to tell to deserialize sub-arrays into yet another Dictionary etc etc? Basically there's an amount of plain key/values in that return, but I do know that there might be more than just that 'classifiers' sub-array (see the 'tags'), and maybe the depth goes even further in the values...

So basically what I was wondering is, how do I properly deserialize the properties part? Any suggestions? I don't mind writing my own JsonConverter, but maybe there is already a way that works without it.

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I've found a solution for a similar question over here: Json.NET: Deserializing nested dictionaries.

It uses a custom JsonConverter and I don't see a way to do without it.

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Works, thanks Alex! – Jörg B. Jun 21 '11 at 9:31

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