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I am trying to launch cherrypy from a python shell in order to be able to interact with the root object. I can successfully launch the server but it wont serve me the static files. I guess it doesnt read the configuration file.

this is the method i call in python shell

def start(zom):
   import os.path
   thisdir = os.path.dirname(__file__)
   # this works but I cant interact with the zom object
   #cherrypy.quickstart(zom,config=os.path.join(thisdir, 'tutorial.conf'))  

this is tutorial.conf

server.socket_host = "XX.XX.XX.XX"
server.socket_port = 8080
server.thread_pool = 10
server.log_to_screen = True
server.blocking= False

tools.staticfile.on = True
tools.staticfile.filename = "/common/basic/style.css"

tools.staticfile.on = True
tools.staticfile.filename = "/common/basic/geo.js"

any ideas from the cherrypy gurus? is this the right way to achieve what I want?

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I have tried with '' and '/' for the path/to argument in cherrypy.tree.mount –  alaeri Jan 4 '11 at 23:38

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Actuallly it was the same issue as: Problems serving static files in CherryPy 3.1

I first thought the problems were not related but I gave it a try and it works perfectly well. :)

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