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I want to write a sh/bash script that can determine whether a particular directory is a mount point for an NFS filesystem.

eg something like

$ mkdir localdir
$ mkdir remotedir
$ mount host:/share ./remotedir
 -->  localdir is local
 -->  remotedir is an NFS mount point
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This question is effectively a dup of how-can-i-tell-if-a-file-is-on-a-remote-filesystem-with-perl

The short answer is to use the stat command


$ stat -f -L -c %T localdir
$ stat -f -L -c %T remotedir

Then a directory is an NFS mount point if its type is 'nfs' and its parent directory isn't.

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When I run this, I get the error illegal option -- c. Has stat changed substantially since this answer was written? – Dan Nov 23 at 22:07

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