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I've got a Haystack/xapian search index for django.contrib.auth.models.User. The template is simply


as I intend for a user to type in a name and be able to search for it.

My issue is this: if I search, say, Sri (my full first name) I come up with a result for the user object pertaining to my name. However, if I search Sri Ragh - that is, my full name, and part of my last name, I get no results.

How can I set Haystack up so that I can get the appropriate results for partial queries? (I essentially want it to search *Sri Ragh*, but I don't know if wildcards would actually do the trick, or how to implement them).

This is my search query:

results = SearchQuerySet().filter(content='Sri Ragh')
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I use to have a similar problem, as workaround or maybe a Fix you can change the query lookup

results = SearchQuerySet().filter(content__startswith='Sri Ragh')

The issue is that django-haystack doesn't implement all lingos from search engines. Of course you can do this.


As Django-haystack says, this is not portable.

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Since I'm using the default SearchView class, I ended up using your __startswith solution by subclasing the ModelSearchForm and passing that to SearchView's constructor in urls.py. Thank you for your help. I'll award you the bounty as soon as I can. –  Julio César Jan 14 '11 at 22:14
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