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i have a dynamic text on my scene called testtext, in the accions i can show a text simple by testtext.text = "my content";

But now i want to do this from a class, if i copy directly the instruccion like i do normaly it doest work. What i need to do? Thanks!

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your class is self contained and not aware of the outside world. You will need to create a function that you can feed it the textfield name so it can then target it.

so from inside your class create a public function like this:

public var myTextField:TextField;

public function setTextTarget(tf:TextField):void
   myTextField = tf;

public function updateText(msg:String):void
  myTextField.text = msg;
private function randomFunction():void
  // update the textfield from an internal function
  myTextField.text = "text here"

So in your FLA file where you have imported your class it will look something like this:

var myClass:ClassName = new ClassName;
myClass.updateText("text here");
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