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I'm looking for any books considered best practice, canon, etc. on source code management (SCM) practices for developers. Something that gives guidance on how and when to branch, how and when to merge, version number schemes, etc.

Perhaps with an eye towards distributed SCM tools like git (vs svn/cvs?), geographically distributed vs. centrally located development teams, differences between practices during forward development and post production, etc.

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Any chance you can give more specific details about the process and tools you are interested in? Effective strategies for using SCM depend on both your development process and your SCM tools; "when should I branch?" probably has a very different answer if you are using SVN than if you are using git and "post production" means different things depending on if you are releasing binary packages or pushing continuous releases to a web service. –  Jonah Jan 5 '11 at 18:09

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I am not sure there is one book, but at least you have:

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