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I am trying Cruise 1.5 integrate to Visual Source Safe.

Could any one share with me step by step (configuration for Build+Email+Triggers+Publish)to do cruise with Visual Source safe.

Thanks in advance...

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Have you looked at the ccnet documentation?… – Babak Naffas Jan 5 '11 at 5:34
I tried that one but issue is that once this particular portion is excuted. files is not getlatest in local folder.only its showing "No Modification" on Command prompt. – user563487 Jan 5 '11 at 5:46

Have you looked at "How to Hook Up a VS.NET 2005 Solution with CruiseControl.NET in a few minutes." ?

The configuration file (for vss) looks like this:

  <project name="Johans Test System">
    <sourcecontrol type="vss" autoGetSource="true" applyLabel="true">
      <executable>C:\Program Files\Microsoft Visual SourceSafe\ss.exe</executable>

      <intervalTrigger seconds="60" />

        <buildArgs>/noconsolelogger /p:Configuration=Debug /v:diag</buildArgs>
      <nunit path="C:\nunit\bin\nunit-console.exe">

      <xmllogger />


Email blocks documentation is pretty straightforward.

Here is CruiseControl.NET's example:

 1<email mailport="25" includeDetails="TRUE" mailhostUsername="smtpuser" mailhostPassword="smtppassword" useSSL="FALSE">
 2  <from></from>
 3  <mailhost></mailhost>
 4  <users>
 5    <user name="BuildGuru" group="buildmaster" address="" />
 6    <user name="JoeDeveloper" group="developers" address="" />
 7  </users>
 8  <groups>
 9    <group name="developers">
10      <notifications>
11        <notificationType>Failed</notificationType>
12        <notificationType>Fixed</notificationType>
13      </notifications>
14    </group>
15    <group name="buildmaster">
16      <notifications>
17        <notificationType>Always</notificationType>
18      </notifications>
19    </group>
20  </groups>
21  <converters>
22    <regexConverter find="$" replace="" />
23  </converters>
24  <modifierNotificationTypes>
25    <NotificationType>Failed</NotificationType>
26    <NotificationType>Fixed</NotificationType>
27  </modifierNotificationTypes>
28  <subjectSettings>
29    <subject buildResult="StillBroken" value="Build is still broken for {CCNetProject}" />
30  </subjectSettings>
31  <xslFiles>
32    <file>xsl\header.xsl</file>
33    <file>xsl\compile.xsl</file>
34    <file>xsl\unittests.xsl</file>
35    <file>xsl\modifications.xsl</file>
36  </xslFiles>
37  <attachments>
38    <file>C:\Data\AFile.txt</file>
39    <file>Relative.txt</file>
40  </attachments>

and of course if you want to send via gmail, that's cool too:

GMail For sending mail via gmail : * mailhost="" * mailport="587" * mailhostUsername="" * mailhostPassword="yourpassword" * useSSL="TRUE"

You should probably also check out this SO thread about CC.NET email publishing:

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