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i have added action caching to my index part and listing 9 records in a page

will_paginate dosent work, and renders same set of recors again and again.

and same issue with fragment caching

please suggest some solution for this..


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Unless you have a very basic Rails app, I would recommend using fragment caching as it's a much easier to use and maintain compared to action/page caching. If you decide to use fragment caching, you could add something like the following to your index template:

<% @models.each do |model| %>
  <% cache ["v1", model] do %>
    <%= render model %>
  <% end %>
<% end %>

This will render the partial _model.html.erb and cache the result. For details about the cache mechanisms in Rails, I suggest reading Rails Guides.

A more aggressive caching strategy would be to cache all the models on a single page. That could be done by setting the current page to an instance variable in the controller:

def index
  @page   = params[:page]
  @models = ...

Now in your template you can include the page in the composite cache key:

<% cache ["v1", cache_key_for(@models), @page] do %>
  <% @models.each do |model| %>
    <%= render model %>
  <% end %>
<% end %>

<% end %>

cache_key_for is a helper that computes a cache key for a set of models. It could be defined as:

def cache_key_for(models)
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