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does anyone know how to disable the possibility of resizing the main window of my Eclipse application

Thanks a lot

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You can try a restrictive ShellStyle, as suggested in this thread and detailed in this one (SWT.DIALOG_TRIM):

public void preWindowOpen() {
        IWorkbenchWindowConfigurer configurer = getWindowConfigurer();
        configurer.setInitialSize(new Point(800, 600));
        configurer.setTitle("RFID demo");


You need to call setShellStyle(). See the Javadoc for the Shell(int) constructor for an explanation of how to form the argument.
According to WorkbenchWindowConfigurer the default value is SWT.SHELL_TRIM, which includes the SWT.RESIZE option.
You'll have to formulate a value that does not include SWT.RESIZE.

It was exactly what I was searching for,

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Tank you very much –  picciopiccio Jan 15 '11 at 11:05
It doesn't clear where to put setShellStyle. Tried to put under setTitle - doesn't work –  Dmitry Jun 12 '13 at 14:40
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