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I want to add a label in flex to display m/s2 (read meters per second square). I would need to use superscripting for this.

I have tried out the following code which is giving me a compilation error.

var richtxt1:RichText = new RichText();
var richtxt2:RichText = new RichText();
var span:SpanElement = new SpanElement();
span.text = "2";    
span.baselineShift = "superscript"; 
richtxt1.text=rixhtxt1.txt + richtxt2.text

I am getting a compilation error for the line richtxt2.addChild(span)

The error is

Implicit coercion of a value of type flashX.textLayout.elements.SpanElement 
to unrelated type flash.Display.DisplayObject
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I think you've to do something like this

var xmlText:String = "<TextFlow xmlns=''>" +
                     "m/s <span baselineShift='superscript'>2</span>" +

var txtFlow:TextFlow = TextFlowUtil.importFromXML(xmlText);

var richTxt:RichText = new RichText();
richtxt.textFlow = txtFlow;

I've not tested it so please excuse me of any compilation errors.

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This is the code I used in my iPad app to accomplish the above:

var xmlText:String = "m/s <span baselineShift='superscript'>2</span>";
var txtFlow:TextFlow = TextFlowUtil.importFromString(xmlText);
var richTxt:RichText = new RichText();              
richTxt.textFlow = txtFlow;

It is based on kaychaks and information I found from Adobe's website. The differences are

  • I took out the TextFlow markup but left in the HTML;
  • importFromString rather than importFromXML; and
  • I added this.addElement(richText) to display the element.
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This is basically @kaychaks answer. – Jason Sturges Oct 31 '12 at 20:54

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