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i'm new with php & i have retrieved data to a dynamically created table from mysql database.And i need to place a href to first row value of the table.
Eg: Assume if person name:jhon And once i click on the href of jhon,i need to see his other details. I have no idea about doing it because all the columns & rows are created dynamically.

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why not to create a href dynamically too? –  Your Common Sense Jan 5 '11 at 8:53
Where you are displaying table data? Is it HTML table or MySQL table? –  eHussain Jan 5 '11 at 8:55

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So you have the first row with the name of a person and the next rows are his details.

Well you will have to check in php while you loop the table if the data is persons details then hide it with CSS (display: none)

then add an ID to the row of the person name and the ID to the the hidden fields

example: name row: name_row detail row: name_row_detail1, name_row_detail2, ....

Then you write a javascript to show those hidden details (You should use someking of js framework, i recommend jQuery)

you add a javascript call in onclick event on that row with the person name (name_row) and in this javascript function you check if name_row_* are hidden or displayed, depending on that you change its CSS to hidden or displayed.

If you are a novice, this will take a while to figure...

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You have to choices:

During the generation of the table simply add an additional output to the detail page s.th. like:

<td><a href="/user/detail/44">John</a></td>

Or if you can't touch this part use javascript. E.G with jquery it would be something like (Not sure if click simply works on a td field):

$('#table_id > td').each( function(){ 
    $(this).click( function(){
        //Do something like retrieving an id and perform a post...
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Simply do this:

$sql = mysql_query($query);

echo '<table>';

while($result = mysql_fetch_attay($sql) ) {    
    echo '<tr><td><a herf ="#">'.$result['first_name'].'</td></tr>';    
echo '</table>'; 
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