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when i save java file error is you dont have permission to save in this location contact the administrator to obtain permission on window7

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That's normal - jdk/bin is the installation directory of the JDK, regular users cannot (and should not) write files there. You'll have the same problem on Linux/Unix and on Mac OS X, where installation directories are off-limits to regular users.

Write your files to the users home directory (System property "user.home", works across platforms), or let the user choose where you save stuff.

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Don't store application data in the "Program Files" directory.

It is very bad design and regular users don't have write access to that directory (for a very good reason).

So even if you changed your settings locally to open up the door for viruses your application won't run on other computers.

Besides: storing a Java file in the JDK directory serves no purpose at all.

Btw: your uppercase letters are broken, as well as the dot or the comma...

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