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I have some trouble to run the FileDownloadHandler on my TeamCity agent.


  • windows server 2003
  • internet explorer 7
  • TeamCity Agent run as console

I have a very simple test:

using (new UseDialogOnce(Browser.DialogWatcher, handler))

When I am logged with TeamCity user (so my status is Active in the task manager user tab), everything works. If I disconnect (without logging off, so my status is Disconnected in the task manager user tab), it doesn't work. I get

WatiN.Core.Exceptions.WatiNException: Has not shown dialog after 10 seconds.

Do you know what I could do ? I give up about investigating in WatiN source code, I try now to setup my server so the user session is always Active. Do you know else what I could do ?

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After more investigation, I understood that WatiN need a real user logged directly on the server. So I configure the AutoLogin in windows 2003 server following this instruction: http://support.microsoft.com/kb/324737/en-us. So the server automatically logs as TeamCity user when it starts.

After, I disable the TeamCity Service and put in the Startup folder of the TeamCity user this batch file:

cd c:\BuildAgent\bin
agent.bat start

So it starts the agent when it logs, so at start up.

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