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Hibernate newbie here. I am working on a simple Hibernate mapping file. When I am using the xml approach, I set the generator class to assigned. There are certain logic that must be checked before an employee id is assigned so I cant generate it automatically.

<id name="id" type="string" column="emp_id">
        <generator class="assigned">

But I am also studying the annotation type and annotation seems to be in thing nowadays as frameworks are moving away from configuration files. But I cant find any generation type to match the assigned value

public class Employee{
 String id; 
 @column(name="emp_id", unique=true)
 public String getID(){
  return id;

Does this mean that I dont need to add any sequence generator annotation when it is assigned? Thanks

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Just use the @Id annotation which lets you define which property is the identifier of your entity. You don't need to use the @GeneratedValue annotation because I don't think you want hibernate to generate this property for you.

String id; 
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cool i was looking for this for hours!!! thnx you made my night :) –  Rakesh Patil Jan 18 at 20:15

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