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Is it possible to take some columns from some tables(entities) and store them to another table's columns with JPA, Hibernate?

For example;
Table1 : id, name, surname, ...
Table2 : id, school, city, ...

Table3: unqId, name, surname, school, city

Select from Table1 and Table2 and insert into Table3.

Or alternatively, Select result as Table3 entity from Table1 and Table2.


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Yes, if the Table1 and Table2 has some relation, or say are joinable. Then you can do a insert query in SQL like this,

insert into Table3 (....) select .... from Table1 inner join Table2..

Now, how would you achieve the same using JPA.

  1. Get the desired POJO using a NamedQuery or whatever you think is better
  2. Set the Table3 properties using the result in hand
  3. Persist Table3

In case Table1 and Table2 are not joinable, then you need to query both separately. And do the same steps, 2 and 3, in JPA. In SQL it would be possible to use stored-procedure for that.

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Thanks for your answer, I have used the native SQL with first option. –  ykartal Jan 5 '11 at 13:31
@ykartal: Glad to hear that. You are welcome. –  Adeel Ansari Jan 6 '11 at 2:43

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