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I have n number of sliders on a page representing percentage values. obviously the percentage should not be allowed to exceed a total of 100% across the n sliders.

so if the current totat of n-1 sliders is 90, then when the nth slider is being dragged, I would like to stop it at 10.

any ideas ?

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In your action method that is called on UIControlEventValueChanged, compute the maximum allowable value for sender, and if its actual value is greater than the maximum, set sender.value to the maximum allowable value.

Edit: I just tried this approach with 2 sliders and it works great. This is the action method that is called when any one of the two sliders gets updated:

- (IBAction)sliderValueChanged:(id)sender
    UISlider *currentSlider = (UISlider *)sender;
    UISlider *otherSlider = currentSlider == self.slider1 ? self.slider2 : self.slider1;

    static float maxSum = 100.0f;
    float currentSum = currentSlider.value + otherSlider.value;

    if (currentSum > maxSum) {
        currentSlider.value = maxSum - otherSlider.value;
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yeah - i tried that, but that but the drag still happens, and the value and drag location go out of sync. i have a label that i update with the percentage value, and this label shows 100, while the slider is stuck at 80 –  Abhinav Gujjar Jan 5 '11 at 12:31
Nope, you're wrong. I just tried it and it works perfectly. See my edit above. Of course, the sliders must be set to continuous updating. –  Ole Begemann Jan 5 '11 at 13:15
Thanks Ole! just what I needed... –  amergin May 8 '14 at 16:35

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