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I need to set a variable in the app_controller of CakePHP and then use it in my default layout file.

Is there a way to set this variable?

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I think what he meant was, that he doesn't know where to set a variable since he's not in a specific function inside a controller. To have a variable (or anything else really) available everywhere, you have to put it in your AppController like this:

function beforeFilter()
  $this->set('whatever', $whatever);

More on those callback functions here.

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The callback functions in AppController are the place to $this->set() variables that you want available to all of your views and layouts. beforeFilter() is called before all controller actions. If you want to set a view variable after an action has run, use beforeRender(). You can access your other view variables in the $this->viewVars associative array.

function beforeRender() {
    $new = "Universal " . $this->viewVars['layoutTitle']; 
    $this->set('universalTitle', $new);
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You can use this to set the variable : $this->set(compact('currentJobId'));

It will set array at the same time it will set values to it.

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