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As it seems it's not possible to insert PHP code as in settings.yml, but maybe there is a way to at least access sfConfig vars somehow?

Further to Maerlyn's answer, I tried this:

sfConfig::set('orgID', 23435);

  url:   /test/:orgID
  param: { module: default, action: index, orgID: %APP_orgID% }

I expected that url_for('@test) will generate an URI like that /test/23435 but I only get /test. This doesn't appear to work, any ideas why?

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What version of Symfony have you been using? I had no problems using php inside the routing.yml file:

  url:   /test/:orgID
  param: { module: default, action: index, orgID: <?php echo sfConfig::get('app_orgID'); ?> }

One thing you have to remember, if you use PHP at the end of the line you have to explicitly pass a line end character:

  id: <?php echo 'something something'."\n"; ?> 

I was using a parameter defined in settings.yml using the sfConfig::get('sf_<param_name>')

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You can access symfony's values like %SF_DATA_DIR%, try it like %APP_YOUR_VALUE%.

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You can use dinamic routing:

$routing->prependRoute('test', new sfRoute('/test/:orgID', array(
                    'module' => 'default',
                    'action' => 'index',
                    'orgID' => null
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