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I have a plugin that creates an object that has an event. Is there a way for a seperate class to monitor this event, even though it does not have control of the object?

For example, I have a plugin that calls an object that uploads some data. When the data is uploaded, the event is triggered to say that this is so. In my client app, I want this to be notified when this event triggers so that it can do something.

The plugin and client will be in C#, and the event class is written in

Would it simply be a case of the object notifying the plugin, and in turn, the plugin notifying the client app?

Is this possible?


EDIT (in response to request for code):

The code is fairly simple, it will be a case of in the DLL:

Object O = new Object();
O.CompleteEvent += (BLAH BLAH);

Now when run completes, it will trigger the CompleteEvent.

I want it to be noticed that this event has triggered within a completely different assembly that does not have the O object. The new assembly can monitor the event, however it will be outside the scope of the O object. I hope i'm explaining this okay?

As mentioned earlier, would it simply be a case of the dll then notifying the client assembly that the run is complete?

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can you provide more details (e.g. some code)? – Danny Chen Jan 5 '11 at 11:26
Edited. thanks. – Darren Young Jan 5 '11 at 11:42
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Events can be static or instance, just like any other class members. And you can subscribe static and instance methods to either type.

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Thanks. I hadn't used at all, until 10 minutes ago. I didn't realise that it should be shared and not static! – Darren Young Jan 5 '11 at 11:52

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