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For example we have bean beanA with string property propertyA:

<bean name="beanA" class="...">
     <property name="propertyA"><value>some string value </value></property>

And second bean beanB has also string property propertyB, and I want initialize this property with same value as beanA.propertyA, I thought I need to do something like this:

<bean name="beanB" class="...">
     <property name="propertyB"><value>beanA.propertyA</value></property>

But this is not works, expression beanA.propertyA threated as string value.

Probably this is go against IoC theory and not supported by Spring.


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The util namespace has some pretty useful things.

You can use <util:property-path id="name" path="testBean.age"/>

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+1 glad to know this :) – Jigar Joshi Jan 5 '11 at 11:24

In Spring 3 you can also use Spring Expression language:

<bean name="beanB" class="...">
     <property name="propertyB"><value>#{ beanA.propertyA }</value></property>
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