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hi i have installed zend and xampp server on my pc. both are working fine. my question is can i rum both on same PC.if yes then how can i do so. Exactly same problem with mysql server. I am asking this is just for knowledge if i can do it really help me lot.

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You should be able to run them on the same machine, but I don't think it will work if you run them in the same Apache.

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Based on my experience, you have to remove one of these two.

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yes you can install zend server and xampp on same computer. i have both running on my windows 8 Pc. but at a time only server will run you need to switch between 2 apache depending on which server you want to run.

when you install zend server on task bar it will show 2 apache server one for zend(Apache2.2-zend) and on for xampp(Apache2.4). you can stop and start this server at any time and switch between them anytime without restarting pc.

only one will we runnning at a time.

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