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I have a TTLauncherView and a UITabBarController and I'm noticing that the tab bar is actually overlapping the TTLauncherItems as I add more to the view. This is one issue that I'd like to resolve.

When I add more items to the view the launcher automatically moves to the next page if there are too many items, which is correct functionality. However if I close the application and load the view again the buttons that were on the second, third and fourth page, etc are all sitting out of view (past the tab bar controller if that makes any sense). The funny thing is that as soon as I move any of the launcher items to a different position ALL of the items that are meant to be on the second, third and fourth page move there automatically!

Why doesn't it automatically move the launcher items onto the correct pages when the view first loads? Is this a bug that noone's noticed or am I missing something?

I do use code to save the items to a database table and then load them in viewDidLoad but all the code is doing is adding the TTLauncherItems to an array, which I pass to _launcherView.pages by doing:

_launcherView.pages = [NSArray arrayWithObjects:array, nil];

Then I simply do a:

[self.view addSubview:_launcherView];

This works fine, but the above behavior is just really bugging me. Works fine on the Facebook app? I wonder how they did that? hehe ;-)

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Ended up fixing this by reinitializing the launcherView.

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