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I watch in astonishment at how fast people are able to churn out web 2.0 apps with the current stacks of the day Ruby/Rails, NodeJS, DJango. I see tweets frequently of people saying "knocked this idea up in a few hours", we did this over the weekend, and incrementally "ill implement that tonight". Then I compare this to my own progress and Im utter disappointed, I consider my a good developer quite handy with all the above three, particularly nodeJS now but things always seem to take expoentially longer than I estimate. Just today has been lost fixing various bugs in a client side form validator, someone has probably built a twitter clone in that space of time.

Im not asking for the usual productivity tips (like sleep, remove distractions etc..), I am asking specifically to those that are going pretty fast in the web 2.0 about what keeps you are to churn out at the speed you do.

Im going to start with 3 myself that I reflect on where I've wasted time today.

1) When doing the frontend html/css/jquery, avoid going into Firefox/Firebug refresh/debugging cycle for at least 30 minutes at a time.

2) Try to get more tests to avoid having to test in the browser with clicking/refresh etc.. Dont worry about coverage just test where it will reduce debugging efforts

3) Okay it works, can make it faster/refactor at the very end, not now, lets move on..

Please add but lets keep this around web 2.0 startup non-enterprise stuff

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"someone has probably built a twitter clone in that space of time."'re so epic :D i completely understand how you feel. – Amc_rtty Feb 19 '13 at 6:43
  1. fix idea or feature( or issue or bugs ) you will add/solve today. Overtime and Distractions are enemey.
  2. Don't optimize. Write Tests.
  3. Define before Design.
  4. NEVER open any other site. ( music is ok. ) ( Ideal playlist are imaginary ).
  5. Be in Highly Comfortable Environment ( sound,location,keyboard and mouse location,monitors)
  6. NO stackoverflow.
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