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We've installed MySQL, and the site loads correctly at its home/root level (, however, any 'fictional' or rewritten subdirectories instantly 404.

I dont know if this is a module or an httphandler issue, but it seems something might not be mapped correctly.

Any suggestions? It's basically a vanilla install of PHP (although 'PHP Manager' has turned up in IIS).

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IIS does not support mod_rewrite so you can't have nice permalinks , you need to go into the admin and change you're permalink structure to default ( index.php?p=1234 ) .


Here is a link that explains how you can setup prety permalinks on IIS 7 asuming you have admin rights Permalinks without mod_rewrite ( search that page it has a section witch tells you exactly how to set it up )

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IIS 7 supports URL rewriting which is required for enabling pretty permalinks in WordPress. You just need to install IIS URL Rewrite module and then follow the instructions here:

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