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I have an activity with this Layouts structure: LinearLayout -> ScrollView -> TableLayout

Below the TableLayout i have EditText, which I want to be scrolled up when the keyboard is active. So according to some reading I've made, i added:


to AndroidManifest.xml, to the relevant activity, and added a ScrollView wrapper to the activity.xml file, so the Layouts structures of the activity is now as follows: ScrollView -> LinearLayout -> ScrollView -> TableLayout

The problem: The inner ScrollView is not working now... I guess the wrapping ScrollView is taking control when touched...

How can i solve this issue?

Any help will be appreciated. Thanks.

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try to avoid the situation where a scrollview is somewhere in another scrollview. you can capture it, but this is not necessary. I got the some prob. but linearlayout>scrollview>tablelayout is enough for your problem. the inner scrollview is automatically adjusting to the right size. I would also recomment to add "stateVisible" to the inputMode option – Mr Q.C. Jan 5 '11 at 14:47
But if i don't wrap the whole Activity with ScrollView, then the Activity won't get resized when the edittext clicked... Or am I wrong? I've tried without it, and the Activity didn't scrolled up with the keyboard - the keyboard just covered the EditText, again... – ofirbt Jan 10 '11 at 13:33
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I was facing the same problem where the virtual keyboard was hiding EditTexts on my screen. I introduced the following property for activity tag in the manifest file:


Also I needed to add following code in the activity's OnCreate function:


This solved the problem and it worked perfectly fine on all resolution emulators and samsung devices. It did fail, though, on Google Nexus S device and I could see the same problem again of virtual keyboard hiding the EditTexts.

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This is at least a little bit wrong. According to the documentation for windowSoftInputMode you can't set multiple adjust parameters (and it doesn't make sense anyway). – Timmmm Sep 26 '12 at 9:19
The documentation does not say that you can't set multiple values, just that the result is undefined so it's a bit of a hack. – fejd Mar 8 '13 at 10:10
After hours of searching this solved my EditText input lag problem (up to 5 seconds lag). Thank you. – Mike Ludwig Jul 19 at 20:58

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