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My CVS-fu is not very strong anymore (after years of SVN'ing and now Mercurial'ing). I'm trying to do a diff between two revisions of the HEAD branch (everything is in the HEAD anyway).

I received an IDE already set up to use a :pserver:myname@cvsserver:port/cvs/project CVS. I'm on Windows XP. I do not want to use the IDE (the goal here is to learn CVS a bit more).

Apparently I cannot login using SSH to the CVS server.

How can I run a remote CVS diff between two HEAD revs using the command line?

P.S: I am new here, mod me up so I can comment etc. :)

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Is there any particular reason you want to learn more CVS after experiencing the wonders of SVN and Mercurial? In this industry, the opportunity cost of learning an outdated and difficult-to-use technology is that you forego the opportunity to learn something new and potentially more useful.

You may of course have a good reason, such as company requirements or other things outside of your control :(

With that said, this resource essentially serves as a CVS guidebook and a reference to many CVS command line tools. It looks like you can see differences between revisions on the HEAD, but only one file at a time.

  [Show changes between two versions]
  # cvs diff -u -r 1.42 -r 1.43 filename
  # cvs diff -u -r BEFORE-XYZ -r HEAD [filename]
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yup, company requirements... I could launch these but the issue here is that I can't login to the CVS server. All I've got is that :pserver:myname@cvserver:port/cvs/project creds. How can I enter the 'cvs' command you showed if I cannot login to the CVS server? – Gugussee Jan 5 '11 at 15:16
Perhaps posting the error message you are receiving would be helpful. Not being able to login is a broad description :) And you are correct, if you can't login, be it IDE or command line, you cannot DIFF anything. – jmort253 Jan 6 '11 at 1:16
+1 for helping me... No I mean: accessing the CVS using the pserver auth method obviously works fine from the IDE. What I cannot do is log using SSH on the CVS server. So I don't know where/how to enter the cvs diff -... command you showed me. – Gugussee Jan 6 '11 at 10:19

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