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I am using excanvas.js that is used with flot jquery graphs. When in FF or chrome the graphs show great. on IE I get this error:

Unknown runtime error excanvas.min.js, line 144 character 21

 el.getContext = getContext;

                // Remove fallback content. There is no way to hide text nodes so we
                // just remove all childNodes. We could hide all elements and remove
                // text nodes but who really cares about the fallback content.
                el.innerHTML = '';

el in the stack is DispHTMLUnknownElement

What can that be?

Thank you?

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Try running with the uncompressed version of the script; it'll be easier to debug if you can read the code and get a useful line number in the error message. –  Spudley Jan 5 '11 at 15:23

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I had flot.pie.js which was probably incompatible!

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