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I know, I know... it's a horrible fate but I am forced to work in an environment with DB2 on the back end. OK just kidding but the truth is I do like MSSQL's data studio a lot, and well IBM's tool is sorda crummy in my opinion... I was using the free version of Toad but I just got a new 64bit machine which is nice and all but there isn't a free version of Toad that I can find for win7 64.

Does anyone have any suggestions for a good IDE to use with DB2? Being a developer I really just do a lot of looking at the DB structure and querying to see what I get back and how I want to get things back etc...

Thanks for any advice!

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As a developer I like WinSQL from Synametrics a lot. For me this is the best tool available on the market and works with all major databases:

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Have you tried IBM Optim Data Studio, and it is based on Eclipse, so it could be integrated with many existent plugins for this IDE

And it is free.

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we use SQuirrel a java based database client

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and it's free!! – Leslie Jan 18 '11 at 15:31

I am using QMF For Windows. But I am not in a position to say it is the best tool


DB2 Query Management Facility (QMF) is a tightly integrated, powerful, and reliable tool that performs query and reporting for IBM’s DB2 relational database management system family.

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DbVisualizer is fairly excellent and has a generous evaluation period.

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