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I have the following XML-structure (from an external source which isn't very well executed):


There are about 150 items which all contain a couple of categories.

Now, using linq, I want to fetch all items which are in a certain category. I tried the following in the where-clause:


This doesn't return any results, even if I know it should.

If I try:


it returns results if the categoryname is the first one in the item.

How can I loop through the categorynames of every item to see if it contains a certain string and filter out those items?

Any help is very much appreciated...:-)

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where item.Element("categories").Elements("category").Elements("name").Any(n => n.Value = "cat2") should do if the name element value is supposed to be cat2 exactly. Or use where item.Element("categories").Elements("category").Elements("name").Any(n => n.Contains("cat2")) if the name element is supposed to contain "cat2" as a substring.

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Thanks a lot...:-) – vlottus Jan 6 '11 at 9:40

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