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I have this html:

<input id="testme" test="something"/><label test="something2"></label>

and this js


demoed here:


I would think the alert would give me "something" and then "something2". But it does nothing!

What is going on?

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You are alerting the wrong thing. The each simply returns the collection/jQuery. You would need to alert inside the each callback to alert the values of the custom attribute. Also. Please use the data- prefix when assigning custom attributes for better standards compliance.

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haha. ya sorry about the fugged example. having the alert in the wrong spot was a typo. The issue, as you also demonstrated, was that I was missing function(){. And yes, I plan to use data-. This is the first time I was going to use data- actually, so i took it off when there was a problem thinking that was causing it. But I just made the stupid mistake of forgetting the function(){ thing. Thanks! –  kralco626 Jan 5 '11 at 16:06

.each() takes a function, it should look like this instead:

$("[test]").each(function() {

You can test it out here.

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