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im pasting some of buggy code:

    if ( !( $doc = $parser->parse_file( $dir . $file ) ) )
        print "Parse ERROR: " . $! . "\n";
        move( $dir . $file, $dirfailed . $file );

@nodes = $doc->findnodes("//story")or die "Can't find any '//story' nodes!";
foreach my $p_node  (@nodes)
  $titel = $p_node->getElementsByTagName("title")->item(0)->getFirstChild->getData;
  print "TITEL:".$titel."\n" ;
  ## Content / News text
  $text ="";
    $text = &formatText($p_node->getElementsByTagName("body")->item(0)->getFirstChild->getData );
  print "\nE R R O R: ".$@."\n" if $@;

here i'm getting the following error: E R R O R: Can't call method "getData" on an undefined value at /qflife/news/newsaktuell/news_aktuell_api.pl the body is there (in the file). but the error appears not always. i mean sometimes when i let the script run with the same file it can find the body. i duno what am i doing wrong. any help'd be very appreciated!

thanks greetings magda muskala

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Please post the example XML which generates the error, and the line # that generates the error (e.g. is it the "title" or the "body" lookup?).

Most likely, this means that getFirstChild returned undef, which means the first node in the list had no children nodes (e.g. was an empty "title" tag).

Also, if you're getting your XML from a web connection as opposed to reading a file from filesystem, you may be getting corrupted/empty XML due to network issues.

To prevent the error, do something like:

my $body = $p_node->getElementsByTagName("body")->item(0)->getFirstChild;
if (ref $body) { # Make sure it's an object
    $text = $body->getData;
} else {
    # Error handling
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It's probably worth tracking down at which point your complex expression is actually failing. When you chain a number of method calls together like that, you'd better be pretty sure that they are all going to return something useful.

my $body = $p_node->getElementsByTagName("body");

unless ($body) {
  die "No body\n";

my $item = $body->item(0);

unless ($item) {
  die "No item\n";

my $first_child = $item->getFirstChild;

unless ($first_child) {
  die "No first child\n";

my $text = $first_child->getData;

unless ($text) {
  die "No text\n";
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Probably you should verify the existence of each node along the path $p_node->getElementsByTagName("body")->item(0)->getFirstChild->getData

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You are using XPath to get the stories, why don't you use it also to find the title, instead to using navigation? This way you either get a result or you don't, but at least you don't die trying!

I think that $titel= $p_node->findvalue( '//title[1]/*[1]') should be equivalent to what you wrote, although I suspect a simpler expression might also work (as others have mentioned, it's hard to test without an example of the XML you are processing).

I am assuming you are using XML::LibXML here BTW.

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