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I could use a goog set of eyes on my project. I am designing a skin for the google maps API that resembles the native Google Maps App on the iPhone. Ive already got it:

1) Displaying a custom info window

2) Custom pins/markers

3) Pins falling from the sky on load

4) Pulling data from an XML file

Unfortunately I can not get it working correctly on the iPhone and I think it is because my code is improperly formatted.

The map and link to the source code is available here:


Thanks for your help!

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HeyHey, firefox crashed over that link. –  KdgDev May 29 '09 at 22:37

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turns out this had to do with the version of google maps I was using. 2.0 allows for the custom infowindow, but does not allow the pins to fall from the sky. the opposite was true for v 2.123. go figure.

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