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i m doing selenium testing against an gwt wizard application, as a wizard, there are multiple steps, once user finish one step and click next, it transfer to next step, as gwt application, all steps are refreshed in the same page.

now i need to use selenium RC (java client) to write test against that gwt wizard and have 2 questions: 1. each time i start the wizard it require user login first, how can i avoid that login step to test the wizard directly? 2. since all steps are hold on the same page, how can i separate the test, say one test method for each step, without put the test in one big method?


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I would suggest using Selenium2/Webdriver. Selenium 2 has the concept of page objects which allow you to create test objects which map to different pages within your app. I assume that you are enabling ensureDebugId in your gwt app (which allows you to access elements based on a predictable dom id). The combination of debugIds and selenium2 will allow you to quickly create a clean test representation of your pages and then allow your unit tests to simply drive the pages to where you need. The last bit of advice I would give for selenium2 and gwt is make sure that your page objects are created via AjaxElementLocatorFactory.

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