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I know that to create custom rule to customize check-in policy you need to do the following:

  1. Create class-library;
  2. Inherit from 'BaseIntrospectionRule' class and override 'Check' method.

Is it possible to create custom rule that will be applied to Work Item fields? I would like to have one custom field (integer) that will calculate own value based on another field (string).

I guess, it should be possible you just need to inherit from the proper class

P.S. The question is somehow similar to another one, but still is different as it is attempt to implement solution for original question in another way.

BTW: Is there any documentation in MSDN regarding to 'BaseIntrospectionRule' class? Probably there I will be able to find class required for my case? I've tried to find it in MSDN, but can't find...

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How do you see this? Do you want to prohibit a user to save a work item based on a value in the work item? –  Ewald Hofman Jan 6 '11 at 14:11
No, I want to update one field (string type) based on value of another one (integer type). For now I need to have 'Rank' field integer (it is string now). So I created 'RankInt' field and want to have 'RankInt' and 'Rank' in sync. In the simplest case it will be just information copying. Probably later I will need more complicated logic –  Budda Jan 6 '11 at 15:06

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