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I'm facing a problem:

I'm configuring magento store, when a customer buy something, an email is send to him, but what I need is: beyond this email, another email, with diferent template must be send to another person with the data of the purchase. How to configure this ?


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You can configure the data of order to be sent only with the same template. To do it - go to System -> Configuration -> Sales -> Sales Emails -> Order and fill fields "Send Order Email Copy To" and "Send Order Email Copy Method".

However you can program Magento to send email with different template. To achieve it you must develop your custom extension that will:

  • a) add necessary fields (ability to choose different template) to above mentioned System -> Configuration -> Sales -> Sales Emails -> Order
  • b) overload Mage_Sales_Model_Order->sendNewOrderEmail() method to use different template for sending e-mail to third party
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hum, what a bad new. But is OK, I'll develop something to send this email, thank you. –  Rbacarin Jan 7 '11 at 10:44
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What I've done is:

I developed a webservice in c# that receive the OrderId, and send the email to the person I want. I call this webservice using ajax in the success method of magento.

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