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I have a state machine workflow that I created in VS2010 for SP2010. I would like to have the WF utilize 2 different task lists. One task list for tracking approvals and one task list for tracking assigned deliverables. However, it seems like the workflowProperties.TaskList is locked down and I am unable to modify the task list "location" as the workflow progress from state to state.

Is it possible to have a custom workflow utilize multiple task lists? How do I do it?

My main reason for doing it this way is that I want simplified status fields for my tasks. On the approval task list the only status values will be Accepted, Rejected, Escalated, Pending. While on my deliverable task list I would like the default choices of Not Started, In Progress, Complete, Waiting, Deferred. If there is a better way than using two different customized task lists, I am open to suggestions.

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Same problem here. I'm creating a static workflow machine.

It is possible to create a task by just adding an item to the list. I mean not using: Microsoft.SharePoint.WorkflowActions.CreateTask();, but just add an SPListItem to an SPLIst.

The advantage is the you can add a task to every list on every site level. But is it possible to combine these task to an OnTaskChanged()? If not, is it a good idea to use an EventReceiver which triggers my forkflow steps?

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