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I set up a NotifyIcon to store my application in the system tray. For the Icon I was using

myNotifyIcon.Icon = new System.Drawing.Icon(@"c:\MyIcon.ico");

and this works. However I would like to store my icon in my project directory and refer to it where I deploy my app rather than have some external image. i tried just

myNotifyIcon.Icon = new System.Drawing.Icon("MyIcon.ico");

and this where i get the XamlParseException when I try to run the app. The image does exist in the root of my project. Does anyone know the solution to this? Should I be using a PNG instead? I tried researching Pack Uris but i was just getting more confused and i am not sure thats what i need here. Thanks!

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It sounds like you are not copying the icon to the deployment directory on build. Make sure the .ico is sitting alongside your .exe rather than just in your project directory.

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that was it. you sir, are a genius –  Drew Jan 5 '11 at 19:27

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