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Under 'Syntax highlighting' there is an option for 'enable semantic highlighting'. What does that do differently than regular intellisense/autocomplete/highlighting?

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Without semantic highlight MD does only simple highlighting, only based on the rules of the language - like keywords, strings, digits.

Semantic highlighting, well, as the name suggests, analyzes the meaning of tokens. At the present time, for C# I think it only highlights tokens that represent a type name. In the future a wider range of highlighting is possible, for example a local variables.

And the last thing - it is not related to the intellisense/autocomplete feature.

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Note also that the current implementation slows down the editor a lot. – Mikayla Hutchinson Jan 5 '11 at 21:16

Actually that looks like highlighting the objects and variable types explained here:

Anymore info on it would be good.

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