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I am looking for an open source semantic web project, I know there are Jena and Sesame but I'm looking for another open source semantic web project.

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I've posted an answer with a variety of tools. If you can elaborate on your target language and platform plus what you want to do with the project then people can give you a better answer – RobV Jan 6 '11 at 9:31

What sort of Semantic Web project?


And there is pretty much one/more API for any language you fancy so if you can elaborate on the language desired I can make an appropriate recommendation

Triple Stores

  • 4store - A C Linux based clusterable triple store
  • Virtuoso - Commercial Triple Store (written in C++) from OpenLink Software which has a cut down open source version - runs on Windows, Linux and Mac OS X afaik
  • AllegroGraph - Commercial Triple Store (written in LISP) from Franz Inc which has a limited (50 million Triples) free to use version

Again there are lots of projects for lots of platforms - elaborate on your target environment to get a better answer

Other Tools

Also there are a variety of GUI tools for things like editing, ontology design etc

Plus you can get CMSs with Semantic Web tech built in such as Drupal 7 and Semantic MediaWiki

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4store is written in C - not C++ ;-) - and also run in Mac and Unix distributions not just Linux. Good list of tools though +1 :) – msalvadores Jan 6 '11 at 11:58
My mistake Manuel - corrected now – RobV Jan 6 '11 at 12:06

I think the only bits missing from RobV's answer are some of the reasoning tools like:

  1. Protege
  2. Hermit

... some other triple stores:

  1. Mulgara
  2. Talis Platform this is a service that you can use if you use Open Data and less than XX million triples. I don't remember exactly how many.
  3. BigData

... and of course Redland libraries, one of my favourite set of tools with some very useful command line utilities.

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You might even look at Drupal - with the release of version 7, Drupal now supports RDFa and any extension of semantic capabilities will surely be welcome.

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There a lot of them actually. For example Big Data. You can find more here.

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Well, already mentioned some I know.

You can also check:

  • CubicWeb: Python Framework
  • Pellet: OWL DL Reasoner based in Java. Dual licensing, not sure if OpenSource
  • FaCT++: OWL DL Reasoner based
  • SPARQLWrapper: if you want to query RDF endpoints from Python
  • RedLand: RDF API based in C with Bindings for Python, Ruby and Perl (librdf in Python)
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